Vote 4 Saif Rehman – State Delegate – District 9A

Hi, this is Saif Rehman Candidate for Delegate 9A, I want to remind you to vote Tuesday, July 19 if you have not already.

I am asking for your trust and vote on July 19th because I believe that I am the best qualified candidate.

As the only candidate who is a small business owner in Republican Primary from District 9A, I understand the challenges and obstacles small businesses face every day from burdensome government laws and regulations.

I intend to bring my 30 + years of professional experience and history as a small business owner to introduce bills that not only streamline or cut rules and regulations for businesses but attract new businesses to create new tax revenue streams to reduce our tax burden.  

I am the only candidate that has signed the Americans for Tax Reform Pledge, which states that I will never vote to raise your taxes. Maryland’s budget is out of control, and we all suffer in one of the highest taxed states in the nation.

I will work with the law enforcement agencies and organizations to introduce bills that will help reduce violent crime and to ensure that our citizens and children are protected everywhere in Maryland.

From my own experience, I know that education is the great equalizer. I will introduce bills to bring our Education back to the world-class system by ensuring that we are teaching our kids civics, math, science, and provide them with the unrivaled education that will help them succeed.

 If you vote for me, I pledge to fight for you every day and will ensure that you receive the full representation that you deserve.

Please vote Saif Rehman for State Delegate.