Why should you vote for Dr. Saif Rehman?


Dr. Rehman exhibits much concern and passion about the state of our educational systems. His wide range of education in the United States has taught him the difference between proper teaching versus what appears to be indoctrination of our children.

Dr. Rehman believes that:

  • Our schools should promote achievement and excellence, and merit should be rewarded.
  • Parents must have a voice in their children’s education and parental rights should be honored by all school boards.
  • Supports school choice because all children deserve a quality education, and all parents should have options in how & where their children are taught.
  • The need for safety in our schools is paramount for us in this generation. We should make sure that we have the proper number of School Resource Officers (SROs) to help protect our greatest treasure, our children.
  • Schools must focus on literacy, numeracy, and effective communication. Students need a history and civics curriculum that engenders American values and civic responsibility.


Dr. Rehman believes that without our laws and well-trained law enforcement officials there is no freedom. The call to defund our police is a dangerous political maneuver which has led to skyrocketing crime rates across the nation and in our own backyard. As to public safety, Dr. Rehman has a profound concern about attempts to dismantle or cut the funding of our police officers. Dr. Rehman will push back against radical anti-police rhetoric and legislation and support fully funding our law enforcement to provide us top-quality safety and security of our communities including our school systems.


Many of our fine members of the much-needed business communities have suffered or been gutted in the past two years. Federal and state mandates have forced our small business owners to be pushed aside while only the very large and mega companies have remained open and thrived. Small businesses provide jobs, growth, and innovation that our communities and states desperately need.

As a small business owner, Dr. Rehman understands firsthand how so many of our small businesses are struggling following the pandemic. Dr. Rehman believes we need to create incentives to get people back to work so our businesses can re-open and be able to operate pre-covid levels. 

​Dr. Rehman wants to place an emphasis on workforce development as well. He believes that we need to be working with our local businesses to promote job growth and opportunities for people of all backgrounds and education and get Marylanders back to work.  Dr. Rehman is committed to promoting a free market environment in which businesses and families can thrive.


We are experiencing the highest inflation rate in decades and as a result families all around the country including Maryland are finding it harder and harder to get by. We have become a State where taking a chance on local investment is discouraged because of the high rates of taxation that we face. We are still ranked near the bottom of states as to the State Business Tax Climate (#44). As to being Entrepreneur Friendly, we find ourselves near the bottom as well (#40). Maryland is ranked as the Number 1 worst State as it concerns taking care of retirees, therefore, we are #1 in seeing retirees move away in a mass exodus due to higher taxes.

Our counties are blessed by its vast beautiful and open agricultural heritage and family farming are a big part of Maryland heritage that is consistently threatened with higher taxes. This in turn is forcing many to sell their farms instead of continuing farming.

Dr. Saif Rehman has the life and business experience to represent the district and State of Maryland and the desire to bring back the fundamental policies and issues that gradually erode these aspects of our community and its proper growth. As a Delegate, Dr. Rehman will work hard to cut taxes and fees and lower our overall tax burden. Dr. Rehman will pursue economic growth instead of more government.