Get to know Saif Rehman

Leadership and Experience

My name is Saif Rehman. I’m a first-generation immigrant who came to America in pursuit of the American Dream as many others have done before and after me. I firmly believed in that dream then as I do now. After living in this country for the last four decades I still maintain this strong belief – Regardless of where a person is born or what class that person is born into, they can attain his / her version of success in a society where upward mobility is possible for all.  

My 40-year journey in this country has resulted in higher education (Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D.), a career that encompasses working for small and large firms and starting my own business in the Information Technology field for the last 16 years.                                                          

My personal journey has brought me to Howard County where I now live with my wife and three children for the last 20 years. My children currently attend Elementary, Middle and High schools in Howard County Public School System (HCPSS).                                                                                 

I am currently a Board member for The Disaster Services Corporation (DSC). DSC is a National Catholic lay organization that helps people in situational poverty brought about by natural and man-made disasters to help get their lives back in order. It is a sister company to the National Council of the United States Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVDP).

I am also a Commissioner for Maryland Economic Development Commission (MEDC) and Commissioner for Consumer Council under the Consumer Protection Division. Both positions are appointed by Governor Hogan with the advice and consent of the Maryland Senate.     

Aside from these I have been involved with various organizations helping small businesses. I am also actively involved with my children’s PTA, their football, basketball, and baseball activities.

Since the day I arrived in the United States, I have been tremendously rewarded by this wonderful country that I adopted and call my home. 

From the very first day, in every community in which I lived, I have served as a volunteer. Volunteering has provided me with the sense of purpose that one gets when they give their time in service to others. Also, I have found that engaging with your community and giving back is a great way to know your community and its citizens.       

It is the same desire to give back that resulted in my first run for the Board of Education for HCPSS. That is the same reason that I am running for the Delegate from District 9A. As I look around, look at our schools, our communities, our citizens everywhere, I have never seen such division and frustration. This has undoubtedly been created by our national and local leaders. It is the type of division that I haven’t seen in my four decades of living in this country.         

It seems that, Common Sense has taken a vacation and decided to stay on vacation.” I truly believe that we can no longer afford to delay action. This is why I am running for the Delegate from District 9A

I want to help protect the everyday liberties of Americans and help guide and challenge our community members toward their pathways of success.

My educational and working background is broad. I have 30+ years of experience working in multiple industries, with the last 16 years as a small business owner. In addition, I have been involved with various volunteer positions dealing directly with the issues and concerns of our citizens and businesses of Maryland. 

I believe that I am the right candidate for the position of the Delegate from District 9A

I will oppose leaders who insist on imposing their own will on the free people of our communities. I will stand in the gap for our citizens who believe that the American way of life is being attacked by those who do not represent mainstream American interests. 

I will fight for you and stand for you

My name is Dr. Saif Rehman and I ask for your support and vote on July 19, 2022.

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