Get to know Saif Rehman

Leadership and Experience

As a long-time resident and involved father of three young children, Dr. Rehman strongly supports neighborhood schools and keeping communities together.  Dr. Rehman believes redistricting should be to adjust for capacity and disruption should be minimized.   Howard County continues to be one of the most inclusive and diverse counties in the state and the nation.  The false political narrative of segregation advanced by the proponents of the Superintendent’s original plan has done tremendous damage to the general civility and race amity for which our county is well known.  Dr. Rehman believes that we need new leadership at the Board of Education to repair this damage as well as to advance actual solutions to close the achievement gap.

As a seasoned IT executive, Dr. Rehman brings decades of technology and procurement best practices to cut operating costs in HCPSS’s overall budget as well as develop improve technology instruction at the HCPSS.  He also recognizes the importance of planning for growth in the student population versus simply reacting to capacity issues.  He will work collaboratively to advance creative solutions to add capacity where it is needed to minimize community disruption.

As a parent of a special education child, Dr. Rehman knows all too well how underserved some students can be in the Howard County School System.  He also knows intimately the challenges of under-resourced students in our school system having experienced many of these hardships himself when he had lower socio-economic status.  He will work tirelessly to meet the needs of these underserved students and close the achievement gap by bringing needed resources and solutions to these students.  He believes real equity is in meeting the needs of the children where they are and not shuffling students around at great cost (both in time, money and inefficiencies in parental support logistics) and sacrificing student stability/performance.

Dr. Rehman’s background is the all too familiar but still relevant immigrant success story.  He came to the U.S. with a few hundred dollars in his pocket, earned a Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate all in Computer Information Systems, founded NextGen Consulting, Inc. in 2004 and moved to Howard County.  Like many HoCo residents, Dr. Rehman sought out this area and settled here largely for the rich mosaic of racial, ethnic, cultural and religious diversity of this county. He is committed to raising his children here and will work hard to represent District 5 at the Board of Education.


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